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     Hi there! My name is Josean Martinez! I'm so glad you've decided to check out my game. This is a project that developed throughout my sophomore year as a Computer Science and Engineering student at The Ohio State University. As I progressed through my courses I thought about ways in which I could start applying all of the concepts I had been learning and that's when the idea of making a game came about. I went through a course online reviewing the basics on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and JQuery and then started to put everything into action! This project took about 3-4 months to complete and I believe it has much potential. It also serves as my capstone for my final semester as an Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship scholar at Ohio State. My hope is to eventually work in web development throughout my professional career and to continue creating and innovating in everything that I do. All of the code, structure and graphics for the game were made from scratch as well, and in case you were wondering, I used mostly Visual Studio Code, Adobe Illustrator, and solely HTML, CSS, JavaScript and a little bit of JQuery. Sweet! That's a little bit about me and this project. Thanks again for the support!